Press Kit & Reviews

Download the SoulSpark press kit.

July 23rd – SoulSpark – Battle Cards, An In-Depth Review.
May 8th – TouchArcade: A Cleverly-Made Real Time Card Battler.
May 7th – Steve Prescott: The making of SoulSpark
April 9th – TouchArcade: Turning Card Battles into a Real-Time Affair.
April 1st – Steve Prescott: SoulSpark in Pencil

Main Characters

There are several heroes to choose from in SoulSpark – Here are some of the characters that can help you on the epic quest to save the world from corruption!


On your way through dark swamps and treacherous mountains, you will face hordes of sinister undead, merciless abominations and unyielding mechanical horrors like these:

Bluestone, a SoulSpark hero
Ohna, a SoulSpark hero
Mala, a SoulSpark hero

Bluestone is a knight who specializes in melee attacks, armor and protection spells. He was champion and bodyguard of Maxander II, until his Highness died under suspicious circumstances, supposedly slipping on a piece of soap. Rumor has it that Bluestone is still haunted by this fateful event and therefore rarely bathes.


Ohna is a ranger specializing in ranged attacks. Ohna’s quest to find the SoulSpark was bestowed upon her by The World Willow, an ancient, magical tree whose voice Ohna claims to be able to hear. Armed with the legendary Heartseeker bow, she has both pierced and broken countless hearts throughout the realm.


Mala is a healer, with a variety of healing spells. She is the daughter of the famous magician Malamar the Seer and upholds the laws of Unconditional Devotion. Spending most of her time in her father’s garden, she often daydreams of curing every disease in the world.

Octowarrior, a SoulSpark character
Mass of Dead, a SoulSpark character
Water Demon, a SoulSpark character

Octo Warriors are rather simple, but sturdy melee warriors. These types of formidable warriors are both powerful and strong, wielding weapons taken from the hands of adventurers bold enough to set foot on The Golden Shores in search of conquest.


Mass of Dead is a creature that uses curses to make healers very ineffective against it. This grotesque abomination is the pride and joy of the dark sorcerer known as Wyvern, Queen of the Dead. Created for purposes of sadistic entertainment, its powerful hug makes it a rather annoying opponent.


This greater demon is known as Wa-wroth, the Guardian of Time. This mythical monster feeds directly off the power of the SoulSpark and exists in the space between life and death, so no ordinary human can be in its vicinity without going completely bonkers.



Battle Cards

Throughout the game you can uncover hundreds of mysterious artifacts, powerful spells and epic weapons.



SoulSpark in Action

Below you can see some of the intense real-time battle scenes that are found in SoulSpark – Battle Cards RPG.


Wave of life battle card
Elder arrow battle card
Devil's fork battle card

The wave of life spell heals the aura of any hero during battle. It only takes 1.8 seconds to cast the spell but costs three mana.


The elder arrow is a ranged attack weapon that uses the entangle spell to immobilize the enemy. It has a mana cost of two and takes 3.6 seconds to cast.


The devil’s fork is an uncommon loot card that allows you to cause serious damage to your opponent. But choose wisely as the loot cards can only be used once.