Illustration for the chronicles of Pluton

From the Chronicles of Pluton

Since the beginning of time this world and the void have been in conflict. In ages past humanity and its allies faced the servants of darkness in countless battles and prevailed. With the aid of the SoulSpark our glorious ancestors pushed the darkness from our world time and again and gave the common people respite. Gave them peace.

But the SoulSpark was lost and that age of legends is but a hazy memory. In the present few rise beyond mediocrity. While humanity and its allies have grown lazy and corrupt, the darkness has festered and grown stronger. Soon the darkness will rise again.

Yet I have hope. There has been a sign from the gods. A single bright star has streaked across the night sky to crash in a distant land: A new SoulSpark. With its help we can fight the darkness.

I must gather my closest allies and secure this SoulSpark from the forces of darkness.

A new age of heroes is upon us.

Join us.

SoulSpark was developed by Copenhagen Creators in cooperation with Wizkids.

Additionally also with a lot of help from the following talented people:

  • Illustrator – Steve Prescott
  • Game Designer – Uffe Gorm Pal Hansen
  • Game Director – Anders Michael
  • Producer – Leif Kvalvik
  • Programming – Christian Johannesen
  • Programming – Thor Damsgaard
  • Programming – Rune Holm
  • Programming – Tu Le-Thanh
  • World/Story – Morten Greve
  • Music – Peter Due
  • Sound – David Filskov
  • Special Thanks – Jesper Ejsing